TOP the biggest players in the world (Part 1)

In the world football background, there are many players possessing a tall body. In the following article, we will learn about the biggest players in the world.

Nikola Zigic – 97 kg

Nikola Zigic owns a height of 2.02m, with this height he has become one of the tallest football players in the world today. Along with that weighing up to 97kg, Nikola Zigic does not hesitate any defender in the world.

Despite possessing a superior body, the football career of this player is not very smooth because he has never played for any big team in the European arena besides the Valencia club.

Stefan Maierhofer – 100 kg

Maierhofer is often likened to a giant of Austrian football. The 32-year-old striker is 2.02m tall and weighs 100kg. He used to have time playing for Bayern Munich club. When playing in the Austrian national team, Maierhofer scored 1 goal out of 19 appearances.

Christopher Samba – 100 kg

Christopher Samba owns a height of 1m94 and weighs 100kg, he is like a boulder holding in the defense of the team. In addition to ensuring the safety of the home team’s goal, Christopher Samba is also a great threat in dogfight situations. He has spent a long time playing in the English Premier League in the colors of the clubs Blackburn Rovers and QPR.

Although Christopher Samba is not really clever with the ball, but very few strikers think about pressing to lead the ball over him. This player once weighed in at 101kg and was noticed by big teams like Arsenal and Chelsea. Currently, Christopher Samba has moved to play football in Turkey.

Rene Gilmartin – 100 kg

Rene Gilmartin Profile, News & Stats | Premier League

Rene Gilmartin had a time playing for Watford. The goalkeeper born in 1987 possesses an oversized weight, perhaps so he is often delayed in reflex situations and was liquidated by the Hertfordshire team after only two seasons.