The Tokyo Olympics remain in danger of not taking place in 2021

Given the increasingly complex situation of the Covid-19 pandemic in Japan, the Tokyo Olympics may not take place in 2021.

Speaking at the press on Tuesday, Tokyo Olympic executive director Toshiro Muto said: “At this time no one can confirm whether the situation of the Covid-19 epidemic can be controlled by July next year”.

Previously, the Tokyo Olympics scheduled to take place in July2020 must move to July 2012, followed by Paralympic in August. Regarding the costs of delaying the tournament, estimated from 2 to 6 billion USD, Mr. Muto said. Knowing it is too early to say this and disclosing Tokyo Olympic bought insurance but it is not clear whether the postponement is in the compensation category or not.

Sao không thể có Olympic mùa xuân Tokyo 2020?

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been criticized for his delayed action against the Covid-19 pandemic. Opposition leaders say he downplayed the severity of the pandemic, affecting the organization of the Tokyo Olympics. In the latest statistics, Japan currently has about 5,500 people infected, 99 deaths. The country has the world’s oldest population while Covid-19 is forecast to have a serious impact on the elderly.

Most are talking about asking world sports federations to post important events in July and August 2021 in order to make room for the Olympic Games. However, there are still other options.

In its latest statement, IOC President Thomas Bach assessed that the 2020 Tokyo schedule will generate thousands of financial and logistics problems. Therefore, Mr. Bach said that it is likely that Olympic Tokyo 2020 will take place before next summer.

Vé Olympic Tokyo được bán hết. Đây là cách mua chúng vào mùa xuân tới

Currently, most are convinced that the 2020 Olympic Games will be held around July 7-8, as usual.

Mr. Bach forecasted Tokyo 2020 to be the 2021 Spring Olympics as possible. The 66-year-old German lawyer who won the Olympic fencing championship also said: “We are facing an unprecedented situation. Therefore, adjusting the timing of the Olympics requires sacrifice from all sides”.

Earlier, the IOC had agreed with Japan to postpone the first Olympic Games in 124 years of history not because of the war, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This decision made many parties satisfied, but it was a heavy blow to the landlord of Japan, which invested 12 billion dollars to prepare, not to mention that it still has to solve a mountain of problems.

On this occasion, Mr. Bach acknowledged no guarantee that all elements of the Olympic Games will be maintained as originally planned. For example, he was unsure whether or not there was a athlete’s Village. Because of the investor’s calculations, every room in the athlete’s village was listed for sale right after the end of this year’s Olympics.