If you do an online search for the greatest Olympian, you will undoubtedly find that the answer will be the swimmer Michael Phelps. However, Usain Bolt has performed excellently in the games. His success in the Rio Olympics places Michael Phelps under immense competition for a top spot. Phelps is labelled as the Olympics greatest athlete due to the significant record of gold medals he has won. People should not use medals won to determine the most celebrated athletes. The Olympic Committee looks at the number of medals won and the most decorated athletes.

Phelps Versus Bolt

Do you think that Michael Phelps is the greatest Olympic athlete of all times? If so, you should understand that Bolt and Phelps are on the minds of everyone. These guys competed in recently held Olympic Games. You will find out that many great Olympians are not in recent memories.

The Olympic Games have produced many of the greatest athletes over the years. Many countries boast of their most celebrated athletes. If you look keenly at the figures and facts used to select great Olympians, you will find that many athletes deserve to be greats.

Criteria Used to Select the Greatest Olympians

Other than the number of medals won, there should be different criteria used to select the greatest athletes in the Olympic Games. People should use measures, such as the following:

  • The most won total medals
  • The most won gold medals
  • Different events that an Olympian attempted
  • Number of events that an Olympian has attempted
  • The most dominant athlete

About the Greatest Olympian

In a slight twist, the ESPN Sport Science study in 2012 researched the greatest Olympian of all times. The search was based on the best athlete, not a player. They needed to identify an athlete with a great combination of speed, strength, and endurance. Voters also identified an athlete with durability. After this assessment, Michael Phelps became the winner with a vote of 82%.