Sport has the power to transform our people’s future and the entire world. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be remembered as the most innovative sports event in history. Many athletes across the globe will prove their talents in the upcoming event. The Olympians will compete in different sports disciplines, including men’s and women’s categories.

The 2020 Olympics event is expected to bring positive reforms to the people of Japan and the entire world. Athletes must strive to achieve their personal best in this competition. They must be patriotic to their countries and aim at winning gold medals. People are expecting that the upcoming Olympic Games will create unity in diversity. People from different continents should accept one another and unite for a common goal; global integration. It would be helpful if top athletes in this event pass on a legacy for the future and join people for tomorrow.

The Global 2020 Olympics Commercial Partners

The world has many great companies that provide goods and services to people. Many companies are sports partners and support international events. The 2020 Tokyo Games will have commercials from the following companies:

  • Coca-Cola
  • Airbnb
  • Alibaba Group
  • Atos
  • VISA
  • Panasonic

The Tokyo Olympics Competition Venues

The Olympics 2020 agenda advocated for reforms on competition venues. The Olympic Games will use many venues. Some venues built for the 1964 Olympic Games in Japan will be used. The athletics competitions and the opening ceremony will be held at Tokyo National Stadium. The equestrian events will take place at Baji Koen Park, and handball competitions will be at Yoyogi National Gymnasium. These venues will be refurbished and be replaced by new arenas.

Japan is the first Asian country to host an Olympic event. Many people call this country the land of the Olympics. Japan is hosting its fourth games after the 1964 summer Olympics, the 1972 winter games, and Sapporo of 1998.