Many reliable punters and bookmakers provide predictions for the favourite country to win many gold medals. If the Olympians competed in the Tokyo Olympics today, there would be a winner. At Gracenote Sports, the head of sports analysis, Simon Gleave stated that his model predicts the United States to top the medal chart.

The sports analyst Simon Gleave said that the United States would win 51 gold medals. They could also scoop 34 silver and 41 bronze. China is predicted to be the second with 38 gold medals and 81 overall. The hosting nation, Japan, is expected to emerge third in the medal chart. Japan is predicted to have an overall 67 medals of which 29 will be gold.

Gracenote Medal Forecast for the Upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo

The sports analysts who work for Gracenote Sports made many correct predictions for the last Olympics Games in Rio. For the upcoming events in Tokyo, Japan, they have come up with the following predictions:

  • The USA to win 126 medals
  • China to be the second with 81 medals
  • Japan to get the third position with 67 medals
  • Russia to win 65 medals
  • GB and Australia to get 43 medals

This information is the prediction of the analysts working for Gracenote Sports. People can follow these reliable odds when placing bets.

The Country with an Opportunity to Top the USA

Many countries are represented by their sportsperson in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. However, not all countries win many medals. The United States has dominated the Olympics over the years. In the upcoming events, people are expecting other countries to challenge the USA. The last time Olympic events were held in Asia in 2008, China became the top nation. Although the USA had more overall medals, China topped due to many gold medals they won. People are expecting history to repeat itself in the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics.