Even if you couldn’t care less about sports, you should not miss out on surprising facts about the Olympic Games. People believe that there is something magical about this competition. Athletes prepare over a long duration to make sure they deliver their best in this event. People celebrate with winners and also sympathise with losers. People around the world have their eyes glued to televisions when the Olympic Games take place. This moment allows fans to be patriotic when flags and the national anthem are recognised.

The First Olympic Games

In the 8th century BC in Greece, the first Olympic Games took place. This event was held after that every four years for twelve centuries. Emperor Theodosius I banned all pagan commemorations, and the Olympic Games were among those eliminated. These Olympic Games were banned in the 4th century AD, and it was a massive blow to many athletes.

1500 years after the Olympic Games were banned, this athletic tradition was reintroduced. In 1896, the first modern Olympic Games was held in Greece. People in ancient days did not mind about their security, fashion, or sponsorship. They competed in this game naked. Olympics fanatics enjoyed these games as they lasted between five and six months.

About Women in the Olympic Games

Since 1900, women have been competing in these games. They take part in various sports, such as the following:

  • Women’s soccer
  • Steeplechase
  • Rugby
  • Women’s marathon

Many people have been excited by the inclusion of women in the Olympic Games. People enjoy watching when women are competing in this competition. It would be fantastic if you considered watching the 2020 summer Olympics. You’ll come across thrilling games that attract supporters across the world. You can go on holiday in summer and enjoy the Olympics events that will offer you the best sports experience. It is an event that the entire world is eager to watch.