History of the birth and development of the Olympic Games (Part 3)

The numbers used to leave much impression at the Olympics

2 : The United Kingdom and France are the rare countries to participate in any Olympics.

3 : Estonian sisters including Leila, Liina and Lily Luik will attend this year’s marathon. This will be the first time three sisters have competed at the Olympics.

4 : Athletics, fencing, gymnastics and swimming are four sports held in every modern Olympic competition.

5 : The number of finals Brazilian and men’s soccer teams have attended at the Olympics. Brazil lost all five matches.

6 : Number of athletes who have won both Summer and Winter Olympic gold medals.

Brazil chưa bao giờ giành huy chương vàng bóng đá Olympic.

6 : In 1990, Swedish athletes participated in six subjects including high jump, long jump, three-step jump, javelin throwing and weightlifting. This is a record.

6 : German athlete, Birgit Fischer is winning a gold medal in canoeing at six different Olympics.

7 : Swimmer Mark Spitz won seven gold medals with seven records at the 1972 Olympic Games.

13 : The youngest age of a participant in Olympic history.

14 : The number of individual medals of former Soviet gymnast Larisa Latynina, a record at the Olympics.

19: Brazil is the 19th country to host the Olympics, and the first South American country to have this honor.

22 : The number of medals swimmer Michael Phelps has ever won – an Olympic record.

31 : Number of athletes who ever won a medal on their birthday.

57 : The IOC International Olympic Committee once stripped 57 medals at the Olympics, mostly due to athletes using doping.

64 : Oscar Shawn won the gold medal in shooting in 1912, when he was 64 years and 280 days – a record. He also participated in the 1920 Olympic Games, when 72 years old.

92 : Percentage of players who won no more men’s football medals after their first success.

101 : The average number of medals the Soviet Union has won in the 10 Olympics, the highest level in history.

978 : The total number of gold medals the US delegation has ever won in Olympic history, a record.

1960 : Abebe Bikila becomes the first African athlete to win the Olympic gold medal after winning the marathon in Rome.

10,942 : A record number of athletes ever made at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.